I went to see the Malovic exhibition at the Tate was fantastic. Use of colour and the roundness of figures, he was a prolific artist who could really paint..his portraiits of peasants in Russia blank faces with smooth heads some with oblons across the mouths really stood out as did the abstract work. There was a fantastic film of the performance with his work as costume. I recommend this one


a little ditty

Theres a battle going on

disability rights

the government not right

they chop you up into smaller cans

and label em

this scrag end is for you

tearing down your self respect

and sense of self belief

wheres the burning torches in the street

no its whispered and hateful faces

worship the cult of non democracy

your full of it

puffed up little shit

spits and calls

her ‘fuckin disgustin’

and the band plays on

its nice to find a victim

you can pin your hatred on

blondie with her little arms

marching like action Barbie

with her little Kens all around

trys to bring I down

on the go go

find a ho ho

you prove that the human race

destroys itself ripping its own guts

on the boil off the boil

perfection is Nazism

perfection dosn’t exist

heres where the wounded lie

sweep them off the streets

they offend thine eye

so instead of making tensions

why not good intentions

fuelling anger and strife

cos you got nothing else to do

in your lousy fake life

boo hoo we’re getting to you

and its right here

impact the soul

try to keep on smiling

cos after all you got to

‘stop whining’

take me to a future where this shit stops

and i’ll be as happy as Larry

warning do not tarry or

you might have a revolution on your hands

arty female

Have been consistently working at OUTSIDE THE BOX studios on a selection of paintings and artworks,portraiture and combinations,my technique is improving and I have made more in roads into my creativity, we’ve had a lifedrawing day with another to follow, and some others joining in on the studio making thier own imaginative works an generally being inspirational and creative.

In addition rewrote my Pandors BOX, then found the original version so now to put the two together….

Tommorrow is BHCR Mad Poet’s radio show where I am making poetry with others and sound engineering.

studio news

in the studio the commision of Jesus waits however I am not happy with it…as although the commisioner wants it,its not something i would choose to do its a sort of mexican jesus
the studio is o.t.b creations about empowerment for artists i have made my first sculptures there in clay and would like to continue
helen is making her art and others are dropping by, getting involved..this is my first proper studio